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My love to this breed began a long time  ago. I think I knew most of dog breeds by the age of 7. I first saw a Kerry Blue terrier in one of a few dog books I begged my mom to buy. When I was 14 years old I happened to be at one of the largest dog shows in Moscow, Russia. This was when I met this breed in person. I thought they were the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. It took me two years to collect money, but when I was sixteen I finally bought my first Kerry Blue terrier. She was my best friend for ten years. I still miss her. After I got married and immigrated to the USA I had to wait till we got our own place. When we finally did it was time to get another Kerry Blue. On a warm and sunny November day of 1999 we brought our new puppy home.
I have been getting more and more involved with Kerrys, showing my Zolla and meeting lots of people dedicated to this breed. I finally realized that I am ready to start my own breeding program. So here where it is begins.
Since I wish to remain a small kennel, I will only be doing the occasional select breeding to ensure QUALITY and not QUANTITY. My goal is to breed dogs of quality and substance and I strive to produce exceptional quality, companions and prospective conformation and working pups. I strive to follow the breed standard set by AKC and raise healthy pups with beautiful temperaments that make perfect family members.  
The puppies are raised inside my house with the family so they have every opportunity for lots of socialization with people of all ages.
Each week there is something new for puppies to adjust to. All kind of toys , ramps, tunnels, stairs, rugs, balls, bones, and boxes. Different textures, sounds and surfaces for the pups to explore.  Anything I can think of these puppies will be exposed to, under my close supervision of course. I will provide a lifetime of support for the families that buy my puppies and will always take back any Kerry Blue that we have bred in the event he/she needs a new home.